Fifty-Four Forty or Fight! Episode No. 9

By (GaragePunk Hideout Pirates)


Fifty-Four Forty or Fight! Episode No. 9


The Sonics – “Boss Hoss”
The Pierced Arrows – “Lost”
Larry De Rieux – “Chicken Session”
Mudhoney – “Pump it Up”
George Washington &/the Cherrybombs – “Crisco Party”

The Seeds – “Mr. Farmer”
Audacity – “Garza Girls”
The Box Elders – “Jackie Wood”
Tyvek – “4312″
The Wavves – “Bug”
Sex Church – “Slipped”
Alex Chilton – “Girl After Girl”
Tomorrow’s Tulips – “Flowers on the Wall”

Blag Dahlia – “Theme from the Vicelords”
Stiv Bators – “Circumstantial Evidence”
The Zeros – “Beat Your Heart Out”
Captain Beefheart – “Here I Am (I Always Am)”
The Blue &/the Gray – “Don’t Send Me No Flowers”
The Polecats – “Make A Circuit With Me”
The Briefs – “Dolly Parton”
The RipOffs – “Heatseeker”
The Flat Duo Jets – “Crow’s Feet”

Explicit 18 +


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